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Here at Starside, we set out to create the best games possible. A small group of people that love to create digital content! We focus very much on our community. What the community wants in a game, we want also. Its one thing when you think of a world it your head, but its amazing to bring that idea to life. Our goal is to create anything we set our minds to.

Latest Update: 5/6/18

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Support our Patreon and receive exclusive rewards!  Starside is a small group of indie devs creating some pretty cool games. We first began creating smaller apps and games, but as of late we are branching out to bigger and better projects and are excited to see where this journey takes us!

Our Patreon page will go directly towards the creation of our games. Things like assets, technology, software etc. All revenue will be put right back into the projects you'll get to play upon release!

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